Monday, October 5, 2009

Interview with volleyball player Stephanie Galas

By Mark Siefert

Talk about a shock to SXU students who were accustomed to wearing shorts and flip-flops to class, and all of a sudden some students are calling home for their parkas.

The changing seasons affects not only the average student who is walking to and from class but also the fall athlete who still has practice every day. When the weather is cold, athletes have two choices; be warm or not. Easy enough, right?

Well, if you choose to stay warm by adding layers and making sure your clothes are tight, then you loose flexibility (try running a sprint in a parka and snow pants, eh?). If you say, “Ok, fine, I’ll be cold for the three hours of practice,” then you shiver and shake (try running a sprint after sitting in a freezer. Two words: pulled hamstring). And most likely you will be out and cannot practice or play for a few days and that’s the most unbearable part.

So let’s give kudos to those athletes who are outside practicing, and I’ll leave you with a little motto that should be given to all of the athletes who bear through the elements. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" (US Post office creed).

This week we talked to volleyball’s outside hitter, middle hitter, utility player senior Stephanie Galas, who is leading the Cougars to a 11-10 (2-1CCAC) record this fall.

Mark Siefert: What does your daily schedule/ routine look like during the week with practice, meetings, and class?
Stephanie Galas: I have class Monday and Wednesday, and Clinical on Thursdays. I have practice everyday (except when there is a game) and lifting every other day, including weekends when we do not have tournaments.

MS: How many hours per week are you doing volleyball related activity?
SG: As little as 18 hours a week, including game days during the week, and
as many as 25-30 hours when we have tournaments on the weekends.

MS: What is your most difficult class this semester? What is your most
interesting? And why?
SG: My most difficult class is one of my nursing classes: Adult Med-Surg.
This class involves a lot of my time; studying for lecture and preparing for clinical. My most interesting class would have to be my nursing elective: Renaissance of the Healing Arts. We meditate the first 20 minutes of every class with the goal of releasing our stresses from the day. This class focuses on alternative methods of healing oneself holistically other than common medications or surgeries to heal one self. This is my most interesting class because I have never used or thought to use this type of healing method in my profession as a Nurse.

MS-Do you have any interesting pre-game rituals/superstitions?
SG- Before every game I usually play a game of ‘short court’ with Eugene Jones, Ashley Ahline and Dani Malloy. Eugene Jones and I are undefeated for the past two seasons. There are also two other games (which both will remain unnamed) that Dani, Ash and I love to play before the game that really get us moving on the court and laughing, which gets us pumped for our match!

MS: What do you like best about SXU athletics?
SG: The thing that I like best about SXU athletics is that everyone knows everyone. Not only does everyone know everyone, but we also know which sport each other plays. I really like the direction in which our Student Athletic Committee has been going in. I feel like there are a lot more people out supporting each other at the sporting events, and
I think that is really important because individually we all know how hard we work at practice and our games are our showcase of that hard work. It’s also a great sign of school spirit and pride.

MS: Who on your team would you call the team prankster? Any good stories?
SG: Our team prankster would have to be Ashley Ahline. One word: Boog-A-Loo.

Thanks to Stephanie and good luck this week. Next week, this blog will be dedicated completely to cross country.

Stay classy, Cougars.

Mark Siefert is a senior social science major from Crest Hill. He is a member of the baseball team. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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