Friday, October 2, 2009


By Sammi Powers

On Tuesday I was sitting outside the Butler Reception Room, killing time before my class. I knew there was a SGA/RHA/Cougars Commute open forum going on, but I didn’t feel like elevating my blood pressure by listening to the lack of answers.

As people left the forum, though, they stopped to talk to me and my roommate. People had asked about lights on campus, shuttle service, and green initiatives (among other things), but the issue that had everyone excited was the notion of getting a U-Pass.

As long as I’ve been at this university we’ve been rallying for U-Passes, and people were asking for one long before I was.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the U-Pass, it works like this: at the start of the semester you pay about $200 to get a bus pass with your picture on it. Your U-Pass is good for unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains for the whole semester.

Instead of buying a $5.75 one day pass or reloading your bus card every time you want to get from SXU to downtown, you have this pass that you can use and time of day or night as often as you like.

The reason we don’t have U-Passes is because there apparently hasn’t been enough student generated interest. A survey was conducted, over the summer, which said only 5% of the student population wanted the U-Pass. I call BS.

I feel confident that more than half the student population would spring for a U-Pass. I don’t think we’ve done a good job of explaining it.

Yes, we’re mostly a commuter campus. But think of how much money you could save on gas each year!

Yes, one day passes are available in the bookstore. But think of how much more culture we would take in if we didn’t have to find out that the bookstore was, once again, sold out of one day passes.

Consider just how beneficial a U-Pass would be. A U-Pass could help to cut down on the number of shuttles we use, helping us to “go green,” which is a huge part of what makes SXU cutting edge.

After that forum in the Butler Reception Room a group of students decided that something really ought to be done about the lack of a U-Pass. So keep an eye out for a petition to start making the rounds.

Make your voice heard: sign the petition and don’t let up until we all have U-Passes.

Sammi Powers is a junior communications major from Romeoville. She is Peer Minister for Liturgical Ministry, deputy Viewpoints editor for The Xavierite and program director for WXAV 88.3 FM. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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