Thursday, January 28, 2010

SXU lends a helping hand

By Brittany Jones

Hey everyone! As you will learn, I love to hear about and participate in projects that help people. In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, there have been multiple calls to action on campus.

If you attended either women’s basketball game this week, you would have seen a table collecting money for the Haiti victims. The American Red Cross Club, which is in its second year on campus, spearheaded the effort.

In an operation that has involved more emergency response teams than any other single-country disaster in global Red Cross history, the American Red Cross has so far spent or committed more than $67 million to meet the most urgent needs of earthquake survivors in Haiti. The Student Government Association joined the American Red Cross Club and donated 50 cents for every dollar collected at the games. We raised $123 at the games and with SGA’s donation of $61, the American Red Cross will receive our donation of $184!
Good job everyone, and thank you to the Athletics Department, Coach Bob Hallberg and Jen Kjos-Quinlan at the Shannon Center for allowing us to set up our collections table!

There was a meeting on Tuesday for all the student organizations to band together to come up with another fundraiser. There were many great ideas brought up, such as a benefit dance and penny wars. Campus Life will sell shirts to support the cause starting on Monday, Feb. 1. I believe that they will be $10 each and all the proceeds will be donated to the Haiti relief cause! I applaud the efforts of Campus Life and the student organizations. I urge everyone to chip in and support the effort!

If you know of any other relief efforts happening here at SXU or in this community, please e-mail me at and together we can rally support for this devastating tragedy.

Keep up the good work, SXU!
Brittany Jones is a sophomore I/O psychology major from Tinley Park, IL. She is a senator on SGA and Vice President of the American Red Cross Club. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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