Wednesday, February 10, 2010

By Mark Piper

There is a lot going on at SXU, particularly outside the walls of the classrooms; from athletic success, events, guest lectures to concerts, to student activities serving the greater good such as collecting relief for Haiti. But now that we’re a full four weeks into the semester, there’s also a lot going on inside the walls of our classrooms too.
I’m not counting, but in exactly 95 days, I shall be walking across the stage at the Shannon Center, graduating from SXU. There is, however, this last little semester of class work to finish up. In my 3 ½ years here I have mostly taken 18 credit hour semesters, but this semester I have a lighter load and even a 101 class.

What reminded me that I have things to do inside the classroom was my first test of the semester (Catholic Social Teaching) on Monday. I have another exam coming up a week from Friday in my sociology class, an ever increasing work load from my honors senior paper, and another quiz for guitar coming up too.

This last semester is an interesting one. A friend of mine, who is also graduating in May, is in my Sociology class with me. It just so happens that it is Sociology 101, and we may very well be the only non-first year students in the room. It is interesting because I’ve never had a sociology class before, and thus far I particularly enjoy the material and can easily keep up with it (as should be expected since I’ve not had a 101 class in over 4 semesters). But it is insightful from time to time to hear the professor speak to the class about life because, well, you can tell he’s speaking to the younger students. But professorial soliloquies are part of student life.

Student Life, in my opinion, is comprised of 50% in the classroom education (how we actually get our degrees) and 50% everything we do as students outside the classroom. And so it is a busy time for student organizations, and event planning, going out, discovering Chicago, meeting new friends, dabbling in Campus Life et cetera. But as my first test of the semester reminded me on Monday, there’s a lot to be done with my text books too. So while you’re remembering to cheer on Cougar Basketball, or you’re on your way to a Squeaky Weal Lecture, orchestra concert or catching the shuttle to take you to the Orange Line, don’t forget that the Soc 101 textbook is calling for your attention too!

Mark Piper is a senior political science major with a minor in pastoral ministry. He is from Stoughton, WI and is president of the Student Government Association. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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