Tuesday, April 27, 2010

End of the Semester!

By Amanda Holmes

By the end of next week, I will have finished my last semester at SXU. I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic as I prepare to say goodbye to Chicago, to my friends here, and to SXU and move to Oxford, Ohio to begin my life as a grad student at the University of Miami Ohio. This blog post is going to be overly sentimental and cheesy. Deal with it.

In the past four years, I have studied Music, Political Science, Spanish, English, and Philosophy at SXU. I have studied abroad in Spain and traveled to India, Argentina and some of Eastern Europe. I have built a number of close friendships with other students and with my professors. And I cannot believe that my time here is ending.

SXU has provided me with a number of incredible opportunities like going to Washington D.C. to attend the Obama Inauguration Conference and going to Georgia to participate in the demonstration against the School of Americas. The best experiences though have been right on campus in the relationships I have made with people at SXU and in the friendships I have found here.

Both in my personal life and in my academic work, the SXU community has impacted me greatly. Last weekend, I presented my Senior Thesis Project on Spinoza’s political philosophy at the 8th Annual Honors Program Conference. This was the culmination of a year’s work and the final event that marked the completion of this project.

After the presentation I was both relieved and disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed in my project, the project and the presentation actually turned out pretty well. I won the Outstanding Senior Project Award along with Amy Pouhl, who did a project on Toni Morrison’s Beloved. I was disappointed because finishing the project meant that I was really done. I came back to my apartment and stood in my room for a little while not knowing what I should do.

But then I remembered the Greek final I have next week and the final paper I have to write for my “Property, Race, and Imperialism” course. And then I felt normal again.
Anyway, I should get back to studying for my Greek final.

Amanda Holmes is a senior philosophy major from Atlanta, GA. She is vice president of the Philosophy Club. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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