Wednesday, April 7, 2010


By Mark Piper

Ever heard the phrase, ‘vote early, vote often’? If you haven’t, congratulations on living in Cook County and not succumbing to political tactics of the Windy City. By the way, that nickname isn’t about the gusts of wind off Lake Michigan. Speaking of voting, why not vote in the SGA Elections?

That’s right, online voting for next year’s Student Government Association executive cabinet is taking place now, online, 24/7 until 4 p.m. on Friday, April 7. So, in this season of spring elections, cast your ballot for your future at SXU and vote for SGA.

SGA in the last two years has been reformed, rejuvenated and stronger than ever. The Student Government Association has helped you – now it needs YOUR help. SO VOTE!
  1. Type in
  2. Click “MYSXU”
  3. Login with your net ID and password
  4. Type “SGA” into the mysxu search tab
  5. Click on the “SGA ELECTIONS” Link and vote!Click Submit
Just a little reminder that it was SGA that commandeered a bus to take SXU students down to Springfield in October to protest the cuts in MAP grants to over 40% of SXU students. The SXU SGA, along with other Illinois student governments, helped reinstate the MAP grant.

It has been SGA in the diner every day for the year ready to listen to your concerns and complaints – and taking action to correct them as well. SGA holds conversations with the president; open forums (the next one is next Tuesday at 4 p.m. in the Café Atrium) and we take your suggestions seriously. This is evident in the emergency phone that is now in place at the 10140 S. Pulaski apartment building.

You want SXU to be the best college experience in the entire nation? There’s really only two things that YOU have to do to make that happen. First, you’ve got to go to class, listen the professor and then take that education outside the classroom. Second, you’ve got to, you absolutely have to be involved. And voting today in the SGA election – well, that’s a darn good way to get involved.


Mark Piper is a senior political science major with a minor in pastoral ministry. He is from Stoughton, WI and is president of the Student Government Association. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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