Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Picking, New Beginnings

By Sydney Bennett

Fall Picking, New Beginnings

The time has come again to pick classes for next semester. Whenever this time comes around there is a sense of urgency from many students. My hope is that this blog will be a great opportunity to gain tips as well as provide students with insight on classes they might not have known SXU offers.

First, let’s start with tips. Yes, as a student you are deciding what will consume a lot of your time for the next four months, but don’t freak out! Even though we do sign up for classes, there are a couple of chances to either change your class choice before or after you get into the class (within the required time). Make sure you have checked Claws to see when you are eligible to register for classes. Everyone has a different time and you want to register as early as possible because classes fill up fast! Next, make sure to set up a meeting with your advisor a week or so in advance. Your advisor has to approve that you are on track and able to register for your classes. It helps to have printed out a copy of your Program Evaluation on Claws so that you can always stay on track of what classes you need to take. When picking your classes try to have a balance. Over the course of my studies, I have first taken most of my general requirements and am now working on my major/minor requirements. Try to have as much of a variety of classes as possible. A balance helps you stay interested and not overwhelmed with one topic of study.

I found it interesting that a lot of students didn’t know SXU offered some of the classes I have taken. For instance, I am currently in Intro to Video Production. A lot of my friends have expressed shock and interest in the class. Other classes like Nutrition and Intro to Acting are not known by the majority of students. Even thought you are focusing on a certain field, it might be a good idea just to take a class in an area of interest for fun!

So, I’m usually always excited about a new slate of classes. For the Spring Semester, I have registered for Leadership Communication, Intro to Radio Production, Graphic Design, Gangs & Society, and Law of Mass Comm. All of those classes either go towards my major in Mass Communication or my minors in Sociology and Art & Design. I look forward to my new work load. However, it’s always good to have that one “chill” class and I’m not so sure I have one this upcoming semester. (You know, the class that you have the least amount of pressure in.) I am confident that with a good balance and diligence, I will continue to be successful and so will you!

Feel free to share any questions and comments about what classes you are taking. Happy Picking!
Sydney Bennett is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. She is a Mass Communications major with minors in both Sociology and Art & Design. She is President of Ambassador's for Christ(AFC) and a member of their Gospel choir at Saint Xavier.

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