Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wonders of Weather

By Luci Farrell

Hello Dear Bloggers,

Midterms are here for many of us. I just had my first the other day and made my way though it. We have also hit this odd little heat wave that leaves everyone staring out the window, the focus for class completely lost. Of course, it still throws me off that while I walk to class in my flip-flops the leaves are crunching underfoot. You can watch from the quad as roommates creep out their window checking the weather by seeing what everyone else is wearing. It doesn’t matter. You won’t win. When you leave for class it will be ten degrees warmer when you get out. Plus we all have that one classroom that the air never circulates, or maybe it just feels that way because we can see the sunshine and hear the laughter from outside.

What this makes everyone wonder is, “What will winter be like?” Many forecasters have already started predicting this will be the worst winter we’ve had in a while. A few have stated we will get hit similar to how New England did this past winter. Now, let me explain the differences I have found between Chicago and New England.

While most of the temperature is close between the two areas, I have seen the differences in winter. Friends were getting nervous about the foot of snow that was predicted out here. I just stared. A foot? My feelings were always unless you’re looking at a 2 foot minimum, everything else is generally okay. What I didn’t realize is how the wind out here forms the snow. Your one foot turns into a 5 foot wall. See our snow packs straight down so that 3 feet predicted, stays at three feet (until the plows come by).

Now, before you get the idea I’m one of those people that complains about snow, let me clear the air. I love winter. I will always love snow and will dance it in no matter how cold it is outside. When there is lightning and snow, however, I don’t push my luck. Then I’ll creep out of my window with a camera.

What is winter like on a college campus? Pure magic. Unlike at home you don’t watch the snow with anger, knowing you’ll have to shovel it in the morning. No, you get to watch it fall outside the window with a mug of hot coco in your hand, embracing the magic of the weather you felt as a child. Perhaps you even have a holiday movie playing in the background. I know that two of the movies you can usually find playing in my room during winter are The Nightmare Before Christmas and White Christmas. It’s a comfort. Also lots of fun. Do I have a sing-a-long with the movies? Naturally.

Of course, aside from the snow we also have the temperature. This is the area most really complain about. So this is why I always look at the fun side of it. Wear things that are warm and completely crazy looking. Pull out the ugly holiday sweaters, the neon earmuffs, and the hats with animal ears. Hats are fantastic, gloves are always great, and layering is one of the greatest things in the world. My favorite articles of clothing for winter happen to be my fingerless gloves. I can go straight from outside to typing while still staying warm. They’re also great when I’m taking photographs during winter or trying to send a text message asking someone to come figure out how I got lost. I also have a few pairs of fingerless gloves that have the flap that covers my fingers if I so choose. Yay convertible gloves!

While we still have a bit of time before Mother Nature has a crazy mood shift, remember that it won’t be 80 outside everyday. Winter is coming. Stock up on your mittens and hot coco. As much as it hurts, remember to take your winter coat out of storage because you never know when you’re going to wake up to the 30 degree days again.

Keep Calm and

Luci Farrell is a senior from New Haven, CT. She is an Organizational Communication major with a minor in Anthropology. Luci is a Resident Peer Minister on campus and chair of the Honors Program Advisory Council at Saint Xavier University.

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