Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea. Birthday. Love.

By Sydney Bennett

It’s official; I have been living on Earth for 21 years now! Turning 21 was such a big deal for me not just because I’m legal and have more “rights”. For me, this is just the happiest and most free I have ever felt in my life. In opinion, that’s how getting older should be.

So, for my 21st birthday I threw a tea party. A lot of people were shocked that I wanted to throw this type of party and some even asked me what a tea party was. I love tea and having my closest friends around, so it seemed like a good idea. The idea for my party originally started out as an idea to help my friends who have their own businesses network and just enjoy each other’s company. That’s just what we did!

The party started out with me giving a small speech about being a 31 BITS Campus Rep and how I would love for anyone that could to support the cause. My friends and family really did support. I made an impressive amount of money for the Ugandan women, especially for that to be my first time. I was so excited and pleased that my loved ones gave and actually loved the bracelets!

Next, throughout the night I had different people speaking. We would play music, eat, chit chat, and then pause to hear what the next speaker had to say. My friend Ambria who is a student at DePaul spoke about her own business where she creates and sells jewelry. She ended up selling some of her earrings by the end of party! My friend Vanessa, who recently graduated from St.X talked about her new organizing business and sparked a lot of interest. My friend Aaja, a recent Columbia College graduate, and wardrobe stylist gave tips on items every 21 year old woman should own. Among the list were pearls, a nice blazer, business cards, and a professional bag. My mentor Erika talked about her book Go For Yours and read an excerpt. Amanda, a recent graduate of St.X talked about her health and wellness blog. My lovely friend Teanoia read a poem about me. The last speaker was my grandma who also gave advice. Some fellow gospel choir members and I sang a snippet of one of my favorite songs. We ended the night with a soul train line and tons of pictures.

Having to write everything that happened takes me back to the night and makes me so proud of the outcome. It was such an inspiring and fun night for everyone that was there. I am still so thankful for all of the gifts, cards, and support that I received! One thing I want to leave my viewers with is to support your friends and be bold enough to do exactly what you want to do, support will follow.

Sydney Bennett is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. She is a Mass Communications major with minors in both Sociology and Art & Design. She is President of Ambassador's for Christ(AFC) and a member of their Gospel choir at Saint Xavier.

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