Wednesday, October 21, 2009

O'Brien Hall - The best dorm on campus

By Alex McArthy

O’Brien Hall, completed in the summer of 2008 is the newest dorm on campus. Ironically, it is the most underrated and, in my opinion, the best hall. Last year, it was one of the last upper-classmen dorms to be filled, even though it is the smallest with less than 100 beds.
Why is it the best? First, and most appealing, it’s new. Only two other students lived in my suite before I arrived. All the furniture, appliances and utilities are brand new and in fantastic shape (including walls, flooring, and bathrooms).

The main reason O’Brien is underrated and overlooked in the housing process each year is its location. The hall technically isn’t a “Quad” dorm because it’s actually behind it. Most students, I believe, see the extra walking a negative, but honestly it is a positive. The walk is not all that far, maybe 30 yards from McCarthy and Rubloff. O’Brien is in its own little nook at the North End of Campus by the Softball field (perfect during the spring) and literally right next to both residential parking lots.

The location behind the Quad allows it to be quieter with no obnoxious yelling or screaming on weekend nights. The distance can be a positive if you don’t want to be interrupted by those annoying RA’s (joking). Since it is set behind the horseshoe- shaped Quad, it is out of the way for the RA’s route. Sure, they do come through from time-to-time but they’re usually concerned with breaking up parties or things of that sort in McCarthy and Morris and they mostly leave O’Brien residents to themselves. Let us not forget the “high roller” suites on the 5th floor. Amazing rooms made of glass with an astonishing view of the campus and surrounding area.

I am sure during the winter those few extra yards will be a lot worse, and being a “green” building some things are not as convenient, like the extremely slow elevator and the hot stairway in the summer. Still, having spent a lot of time in all the halls O’Brien hall still happens to be my favorite, and of course the best dorm on campus.

Alex McArthy is a sophomore political science major from St. Louis, Missouri. He is an RHA National Communications Coordinator, president of the Cougar Crazies, a Public Safety supervisor and an SXU Student Ambassador. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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  1. I absolutly disagree. I would never want to live in Obrian. It is so hot in there and there is only one window in each room that can open 3 inches.The water in the faucets only trickle out which is a hassle because it takes twice as long to use the water. Yes the stuff is all new, but that means if you break anything or ruin anything it is more noticed, than if you lived in a more used room. I went to hundreds of parties there last year and I was not impressed. I think the building is a good concept though, and it is pretty.


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