Friday, March 26, 2010

That first "W"

By Ifeanyi Onwumah

Last semester, I wrote a couple of blogs on my joining the chess team and playing games against other teams that were more advanced and a lot stronger than us. I also mentioned my quest to get a personal victory and eventually a team victory. This quest didn’t come to fruition last semester but I kept at it and soon enough my efforts paid off this semester.

I realize that chess might not be the most interesting subject to some but it is something that I am passionate about and it is a valuable asset that encourages critical thinking, strategizing, evaluating and coming up with solutions for different problems. These are all skills that are applicable and beneficial in an everyday setting and I plan on taking advantage of them.

Back to the topic, the chess team had a game on Tuesday of this week and they were very formidable opponents but as usual we were all determined to make something good of the match by coming up with some upsets and stealing a few individual wins. This proved to b a very daunting task as I was the only one that was able to pull this off (Although I played on the lowest board of the game – Board 6). This victory meant so much to me not only because it was my first victory but also because it showed the development and improvements that I have made in my chess game. It also reinforced that old norm that hard work leads to success. I worked so hard to get better and there isn’t a better feeling than the resonation of the hard work in an actual game.

In regards to chess, I am feeling on top of the world and hopefully I can build on this success and spread it to other aspects of my life…One thing that I can hold onto is my chance to sing “SWEET, SWEET VICTORY!”

Ifeanyi Onwumah is a sophomore philosophy major from South Holland. He participates in several campus clubs. Consideration for the student bloggers is provided by Saint Xavier University.

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