Friday, November 4, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

By Dorothy J. Hill

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here is such a broad question. Here can be and is a different place for everyone.

All of us are given a chance in life. You can either do something or not do something. I know that’s pretty general, so allow me to elaborate a little. If you set a goal for yourself to reach and you believe that it is for you to attain, then go for it! Or not.

There may be a lot going on in your life presently. Many of us are working toward reaching multiple goals, some that have been with us since childhood and others that have developed over time. I have goals that have been set for some time and I have achieved them and then some. Much of the “and then some” comes from those things that I didn’t necessarily expect. It was just more so a miraculous occurrence or experience. With all that has taken place in my life, I don’t think I would have been able to even fathom the thought of where I am now.

I’ll try to keep this straight to the point… My main goal, as may be the same for others, is to be successful in all that I do. No one is perfect, but I’m a perfectionist, to an extent, and a bit of a control freak. I strive for greatness and excellence and it pours over into everything I’m involved in. For me it is music, academics and the Ambassador Program. However, I like to be honest, so in this case, though I do strive for excellence, I often fall victim to procrastination and laziness. Some things don’t necessarily receive as much attention as is required, which in turn forces me to work harder in some instances, but I figure it’s all a part of life and what some of us may be experiencing as “growing pains”.

During the four years I have worked within the SXU Office of Admission, I have been provided with several opportunities for growth and it has become a pretty essential part of my life. In spite of it being essential to me, I have learned to never get too attached to anything because your circumstances can change at the blink of an eye. I have faced some of my greatest challenges during my undergrad career and I am grateful for it because it is an introduction to how the real world operates as well as how to conduct myself in a business setting.

In addition to my work in Admissions, my academic and musical career path has also presented many challenges for me. Some of these challenges were heightened by my own infractions but as I gained more knowledge and wisdom, I discovered that I need not make things harder for myself than they already are. It somewhat goes back to the whole self-sabotage thing. Despite those challenges, I have overcome quite a bit. I have developed some wonderful relationships with many of my professors and other music professionals, some of whom have been with me from the very beginning of my undergrad career. They have really watched me shape into the adult that I am working to solidify.

As I am in this last year, I find myself reflecting on a lot of things that have taken place since I began this journey into adulthood. I have recently begun asking myself, and others, “where do we go from here?” Well, it really depends on the situation, but more generally and straightforward, you can either go up or down, which again is a choice. I chose long ago that I am going to go up and have been since I made that decision. Of course you are going to stumble and maybe even fall during the quest to climb to the top, but you bounce back up and keep it moving, or at least that is what I do. I have set a goal of attending Columbia College Chicago where I would like to attain my Master’s degree and then further down the road, I have the high aspiration of attending The Juilliard School of Music for my Doctor’s. But, there are a few of humps that I have to get over first, like my recitals and graduation. You know, those “little” things.

I am forever grateful though, for all that I have experienced within these five years of undergrad. It has often been said to me that this is the time where you really find yourself and get to know who you are and I have definitely accomplished much of that thus far.

This all reminds me of someone I met a while ago. I never really had the opportunity to get to know her in depth, but she is doing something that is rather profound, personally. A young aspiring author/motivational speaker, Erica McCall, recently finished a book entitled “Go for Yours”. Now what exactly does that mean? Well, just about everything that I have mentioned above is a culmination of these three words. It is pretty simple… go for what you want and need out of life. I’m going for mine and have been reaping the rewards everyday that I am able to wake and live another day. So, long story short, go for yours and don’t stop even if you reach the top because there is always room for more.

By the way, check out Erica’s website: I think you will be inspired.

Dorothy J. Hill is a senior from Chicago, IL. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Dorothy is a Student Ambassador and currently serves as the Training Coordinator at Saint Xavier.

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