Friday, March 23, 2012

The Joys of Adulthood

By Dorothy J. Hill

As my time as an undergraduate student is coming to a close, I reflect upon all that I have experienced in my life, both within the realm of school and personally. It has been utterly amazing to see the progress that I have been able to make during the five years I have spent as a student at SXU. As a freshman, I had many things set in my mind that I wanted to have completed by this point. Since I have reached the point of my second senior year, there are many things that I have been able to accomplish and a lot of things that I have yet to accomplish. I am happy about the things that I have been able to accomplish as well as those things that I hadn’t even given thought to that I have accomplished. It’s been such a wonderful experience so far and I am so excited for the rest of my life.

Adulthood can definitely prove to be a little scary at first, but once you establish an understanding of who you are as an individual and the things that you want to do in life, things become a bit more easier to deal with and handle. I have been in the process of solidifying employment for myself after I graduate. I have been going back and forth with myself because I am still not sure about what steps I am going to take to achieve my goals. I still have the forethought to go to graduate school; I know that it is going to happen. However, considering what has taken place to this point, I have decided that it would be more conducive to just get a job for now and see how and where things go from there. I have been really excited about what I have encountered as I affirm my purpose.

I feel as though I have a profound favor over my life. I am never sure about what is going to happen next but I am a firm believer that if you have faith in a situation, things will work out the way they should. Those things that are for you will be given to you. At this point, I am vying for a position that is absolutely perfect for me. I possess all of the qualifications except for one itty bitty factor. I am hoping that things go well for me in this process, because I would really love to have this job and would be a great and wonderful asset to the company as a whole. Considering the fact that I have contributed much of my service to this company for the past four and a half years, I have a strong sense of the work environment, the people of the office, the work ethic expected and required and the wherewithal to bring about new ideas and change that will make the company even better than it is.

On top of the process of securing a job, there is the issue of having a car. The bright side of things is that I am highly qualified to purchase a vehicle on my own with no help from anyone. But, the only thing that would keep me from having a car right now is not having a job. You can’t have things that you have to pay on if you have nothing to pay on it with. Things require money, which at this current moment, I have very little of. If I get the job, then things will be perfect and I can go and get my “dream car” or something very close to it.

I still am not sure about what is going to happen. What I do know for sure is that I will be a graduate of Saint Xavier University’s class of 2012, I will have a job working for someone, somewhere, making enough money to sustain myself, and I will be successful regardless of where I end up. Only God and those who possess the power of decision making knows what is going to happen. I just have to take the necessary steps to make sure I have a chance to be chosen or not. I figure for any situation that I encounter, the worst thing that they can tell me is no and it’s not like I haven’t heard that before. I am praying that I get this oh so perfect job and the oh so perfect car. Then I can get married, have kids and continue on with my fulfilling and happy life.

It is going to be so awesome! Just you wait and see. I have so much to offer and the world is mine for the taking. Peace and blessings!

Dorothy J. Hill is a senior from Chicago, IL. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Dorothy is a Student Ambassador and currently serves as the Training Coordinator at Saint Xavier.

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