Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Veni Vidi Amavi

By Luci Farrell

Dear Bloggers,

Last week I mentioned the search for jobs after graduation. After spending more hours than I would care to admit on applications, I am pretty sure my brain has melted. One of the latest applications took over an hour and I managed not to scream during it. Mind you it was for a dream job that I probably will not be able to attain without more experience, but a girl has to try.

Yet, on realizing all these applications I need to send out I realize something else. Graduation is nearly here. As I type this, my cap and gown are staring at me from my doorway like a Halloween costume. It seems surreal that in a few weeks I will be finishing my undergraduate career and leaving Chicago…at least for a while. I have a lot to show for it. The other night I caught up with a friend and we did not part ways until 3 am. Not the greatest idea since she had a morning class, but it was a good time to talk about everything that has changed in the past four years and how we can barely believe we will soon leave.

I am sure by now everyone has been reading my past few entries and thinks I am turning into a sap. Truthfully, I have always been quite sentimental; though I loathe admitting it. As someone who normally hates flowers, I could not help but smile when on my birthday last year my then best friend showed up with flowers behind his back. This year for my birthday, which I felt like most had forgotten (including myself) my friend showed up with a basket of little presents and spent the night with me watching the Grammys. These little things make me smile and realize that while not everything has turned out the way I had hoped it would, I have these memories to look back on.

I drove on this campus my freshman year, ready for a new start. No one would know me, no one would judge me on where I lived, and no one would know my past. I would get the chance to make a new name for myself and find the people who shared some of the same dreams, goals, and horrible sense of humor. I found those people. Along the way I lost some of them, though in some cases it was for the best. A parting of the ways is never easy, but the one thing to take from it is the laughter. Never get hung up on the way it ended or the fighting. Remember that out of every bad situation there is some good.

As I come to leave here this year I hope that I have left some impact. I leave behind my place in the Honors program (both as a HPSAC member and with my final project), I worked on the Class Gift Committee, I have worked on the housing staff, and of course, here at Cougar Diaries. While most people will have awards or medallions to show off, I have something even better. I have memories and photographs. I have the words both written and typed that document my last four years. With a few more weeks left I plan on expanding my collection. I will leave my legacy in memories. While not all the memories will stay at SXU, they will stay in the minds of all of those I have loved here. I will never regret anything I have done, any of the people I have cared for, or any time I have spent in Chicago. Things turn out how they are supposed to, though we may not realized it at the time. Timing may be off, but life has a way of working out, even in the oddest ways.

So I leave you to remember that if you’re finishing high school, undergraduate studies, or even some type of graduate program, remember the good times and realize they made up for the bad.

Keep Calm and Love On

Luci Farrell is a senior from New Haven, CT. She is an Organizational Communication major with a minor in Anthropology. Luci is a Resident Peer Minister on campus and chair of the Honors Program Advisory Council at Saint Xavier University.

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