Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Semester, New Year

By Lucille Farrell

Hello Bloggers!

I hope everyone had an excellent break. My finals went well and I actually ended up staying in Chicago for a few extra days which is always a lot of fun. My friend put me up at his apartment where I was able to catch up on sleep and double check my schedule for the Spring semester. The snow kept me out here an extra day, but I was thrilled because one of my very good friends, Matt, is studying in Peru this semester and that extra day allowed me to see him before he left.
My former roommate, Amanda, is a dual international business and marketing major. She will be studying abroad in Germany this semester, but her program does not start until March so she is at home working to build up her bank account for her travels and adventure ahead! There are always a lot of opportunities to study abroad and the office on campus will work with you to find you a program that will best fit you. I chose not to study abroad while at SXU, but am always excited to here about those that do.

This semester my schedule is back to 5 days of classes a week, instead of my 2 days last semester. I do have to admit, however, that my schedule is still pretty awesome. I have nice breaks between my classes so I can grab food, get some homework done, and meet with my professors when I need to. I decided to take five classes again this semester to clear time for the meetings with professors I need and time to work with the clubs and organizations I belong to. I am currently in Honors Fieldwork (continuing my research for senior project), Small Group Communication, Training & Development, Introduction to Public Relations, and U.S. History to 1877. It’s a nice little mix of classes. I wanted to take as many of my communication courses as I could so I would make sure I wouldn’t overload myself my senior year with work and projects. My Senior Project with take up a lot of my time so I am hoping to finish as much of the courses for my major as I can and then finish up my general courses and those that won’t be as time consuming. Plus, finishing up my major courses allows me time to pick up courses I normally wouldn’t. I am thinking of picking up a psychology class because I have never taken one before am have always been interested. It will be nice to have a clear schedule to pick and choose timings that work best and have a more flexible schedule.

So I looking forward to this semester and really getting on top of things. Every start to the semester I look at as a completely new start. New professors, a new view on working, and I always try new ways of studying and note taking. Life really is trial and error. You cannot be scared to break the norm and shake things up. After all, we do learn the most from our mistakes.

I wish all of you luck on your new semester and new year!

Peace, Love, and Cougars
Lucille Farrell is a junior Organizational Communications major with a minor in Anthropology. She is originally from New Haven, CT and is involved with the Honors Student Advisory Council, Student Government Association (SGA) and Anthropology Club.

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