Friday, April 27, 2012

"Where Are They Now?" Alum Spotlight: Amanda Phillips

By Sydney Bennett

So, I thought I would try something fun with this blog, interviewing! It's always good for college students to hear from alum and to be inspired to continue to work hard because we know that it holds a purpose and prepares us for success. For this alum spotlight, I interviewed my freshman RA Amanda Phillips. Enjoy the Q & A! :-)

1. When did you graduate?
A: I graduated May 2011.

2. How did you feel while graduation and right after?
A:  During graduation, I felt very proud! I was the first in my
immediate family to graduate and I was humbled! It was an honor!
Honestly, right after, I was in shock and extremely hungry!

3. What clubs and leaderships roles did you have @ SXU?
A: I was in Service Club, BSU, AFC Upper Room Ministries, and NSCS. I
was an RA for two years! Vice President of BSU and Secretary! Also
Public Relations Vice President for NSCS (National Society of
Collegiate Scholars)

4. What was your favorite thing/part about going to SXU?
A: My favorite part about going to SXU was the ability to shine. At a
smaller university, you have much more chances to make an impact on
people’s everyday lives and also receive recognition that you wouldn't
at a much bigger university! I also like the location! I could get
anywhere in Chicago easily!

5. Where do you work now?
A: I am a Media Teacher at Black Hawk School in Park Forest, IL and I
am also a server at night.

6. What are your future plans?
A: I plan this summer to attend the Media Institute in Washington, DC
as a precursor to my new field of study: Integrated Communications! I
have been accepted to DePaul Graduate School of Communication and hope
to start there next year! My blog is up and my business is well underway!
I hope to bridge Education and Media with my business, blogs, books,
and personality.

7. What’s the best thing you've learned at SXU?
A: The best thing I learned at SXU was how to do my own financial aid.
JK! It was how to be a team leader among great leaders!

8.  What were your favorite classes/professors @ SXU? 
A: I was a very balanced person at SXU. I made a “TO DO" list for my
days, and scheduled every little thing that had priority. I give 100
percent to everything, and it kept me focused. I made sure all my
homework was done on the weekdays so I could go out on the
weekends! Every weekend was fun!

I hope some of her tips helped you! Stay inspired and enjoy the college journey also enjoy summer!
- Sydney

Sydney Bennett is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. She is a Mass Communications major with minors in both Sociology and Art & Design. She is President of Ambassador's for Christ(AFC) and a member of their Gospel choir at Saint Xavier.

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